Health Benefits

The EIO Way

Health Benefits

The EIO Way

Traditional health insurance doesn’t work for small businesses!

Health benefits are likely your biggest employee cost—second only to salaries. On top of that, Benefits Canada has predicted that rates will double in the next three to four years.

And that cost is completely out of your control—it just keeps increasing year after year.

What’s more, employee satisfaction in health benefits has dropped 20% in recent years—begging the question: are they even worth the cost?

What is the EIO way?

Quote different.

We don’t do annual renewals. We underwrite each group once, finding fair rates—often 10% lower than their current ones—and hold them steady.

Turn small & risky into big & stable.

We pool hundreds of clients—small and unstable on their own—to create one big group with thousands of employees and guaranteed rate stability.

Find free coverage.

We identify supplier subsidies and government grants to provide extra coverage for employees at no extra cost to the business.

Prioritize wellness.

Our HR experts get to know our clients and can create job-specific wellness programs to keep employees happy and healthy.

Optimize investments.

We analyze employees’ spending habits, learning what they use and what they don’t. Then we modify plan designs—trimming waste and boosting things that matter.

Why does our insurance work?

Providing the lowest rates around—with guaranteed rate stability—is simpler than it seems.


Stability is accomplished through our unique group benefits pool, where the more we grow, the more stable our block will become.


Low rates are a result of running an efficient, waste-free operation. Right now, waste is built into standard practices in the industry. “Shopping around” to find better rates is today’s norm, and is seen as the only way to get a fair price. But all this re-quoting costs insurance providers millions each year—a cost that gets passed down to business owners.

We don’t play games. We work with one—and only one—insurer who cares as much about efficiency as we do. So without further ado, meet Assumption Life.

Assumption is one of Canada’s oldest and most-trusted insurance providers—proudly operating out of Moncton, New Brunswick since 1913. Over the past hundred years, they’ve been committed to helping clients across Canada achieve their life goals while providing security and peace of mind.

Start optimizing your health benefits.

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