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The era of pens, paper, and filing cabinets is over.

The old HR ways—adding employee records to their file in a drawer; tracking vacations, sick days, and other key dates on calendars; keeping performance info in folders; etcetera—is incredibly inefficient.

It’s hard to count the hours wasted on repetitive and redundant tasks, and it’s impossible to know what insights slip through the cracks when you don’t have easy access to clear data.

It’s time to embrace the future and let the industry’s most powerful and intuitive HR platform transform the way you manage HR.

emi + our HR experts are simply the best.

Claiming “the best” is bold. But if you put emi side-by-side against any other HR platform, and add in the dedicated support from our HR experts, it’s not even a competition.

Onboarding Made Easy

Enter information once, and create legally-sound employee documents with one click—saving time and reducing mistakes. Plus, store all employee information in easy-to-update profiles.

Reminders, Big & Small

Never forget employees’ birthdays, scheduled reviews, training expirations, or anything in between with key reminders sent both to you, and our HR experts.

Next-Gen Performance Tracking

Track performance and incentivize productive behaviour as our experts assist with employee reviews, and monitor trends in attendance with punch-in systems linked to emi.

Get more powerful HR tools.

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