Get an HR Department

Without the extra salary

Get an HR Department

Without the extra salary

Human Resources is a job for HR pros.

HR is hard. It’s complicated, confusing, time-consuming, and it never stops changing. It takes years to learn the ins and outs, and countless hours to stay on top of new mandates.

Small business owners don’t have that kind of time. But it’s also hard to justify the full salary of an HR manager.

The problem is: when tackling human resources alone, small business owners expose themselves to lawsuits from labour lawyers, fines and sanctions from government agencies, plus leakage and lost productivity from their employees.

That means a lot of wasted time, and a ton of wasted money.

eclipse replaces ownership with access.

Can’t afford to put an HR manager on your payroll? No problem: you can tap into our team of experts without spending a single dollar.

Here’s what we can do FOR FREE:

Health and Safety Support

From creating policies and manuals, to injury reporting and return-to-work programs, we ensure employees feel safe at work and employers are liability-free.

Role Clarification

We create organizational charts and job descriptions that better define each role and identify any gaps or overlaps that could cause confusion or inefficiencies.

KPI Development

We work with business owners and department heads to set goals and establish metrics for measuring success across the company.

Compensation Planning

We help conduct wage reviews, and develop a compensation matrix to help plan future raises. Plus, we can help implement tailored rewards programs.

Performance Management

With the help of our employee-management software, we identify both productive and unproductive employee behaviour and provide tips for rewards & warnings.

Round-the-Clock Support

Our experts are always on call to answer questions about tricky issues, provide advice for accomplishing complex tasks—or anything else our clients need help with.

More—Much, Much More

We can’t fit everything we do on one page, but if it has anything to do with managing employees: we can help.

Here are some optional—though steeply discounted—added services we offer:

HIRE Solutions

We offer a variety of recruiting services—from job postings & resume reviews to personality-based job-screenings to help employers find the right people.

Orientation & Training

We’ll get new hires get up to speed with company policies, operating procedures and safety requirements, and facilitate any training they need.

On-Site Safety

Our experts will take bi-weekly trips to your business to help implement policies, conduct meetings, perform inspections, and more.

On-Site HR

Need more than just advice? Our experts can provide in-person support for tricky things like terminations. Think of it as a retainer for a full-service HR rep.

Get the HR support your business needs.

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